GATE 2017 Electronic and Communications Engineering| Candidates say paper simple, easy

Candidates exam review, Electronic and Communications Engineering GATE 2017

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee successfully conducted two sessions of Electronic and Communications Engineering (ECE) today, February 5, of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2017). Candidates say the ECE paper was fairly easy. “Simple and clean since basic formula-based questions were asked,” most aspirants told PaGaLGuY.
Vinit Sharaswat from Bangalore, who took GATE for the second time, said, “Toady’s exam was better than GATE 2016. I attempted about 50 out of 65 questions, and I am quite happy with my performance.” 
 He continued, “The questions were so basic that if someone who has gone through the syllabus just once, would have solved them easily.” 

The GATE exam does not hold a great reputation among exam takers – it is often labelled as the trick exam. However, it was not the case today. Sharaswat, added, “Not tricky at all. In fact, nice and basic.”

Another candidate, Nishant Chaudhary from New Delhi, said, “The paper was too easy. I completed it in 2 and a half hours, and revised the paper in 30 minutes. I broke my personal best, and for the first I attempted more than 60 questions in GATE 2017 ECE. And I think most of my numerical questions are correct.”

Nishant continued, “The paper was full of previous year’s GATE questions. There were zero questions from the Vocabulary section, just one passage, and I would say two questions from Mathematics were kind of tricky. But overall easy topics were covered in today’s paper.” 

Nishant explained, “Topics like Electromagnetic Field Theory, Antennas, Analog Power Amplifiers, Random Signals and Noise, Fiber optics, Random processes, were not covered. The paper was of questions from Analog Communications. 

Candidates who took the first session of ECE said the paper could be labelled as tricky but the second session was definitely easy. It could be that this year the marks and rank ratio might go higher, was the general sentiment among exam takers. 

According to a poll conducted today on, GATE 2017 Electronic and Communications Engineering candidates said they fared well in today’s exam.