From GIM to a Business Analyst in Cognizant Business Consulting

My journey in a few words…

It was only a dream to join Goa Institute of Management (GIM) when I was in my final year of Bpharm. And the same dream strengthened further when Professor Ajit Parulekar (the current Dean of GIM Healthcare Management) came to P.E.S’s College of Pharmacy to introduce to us the Healthcare Management program that GIM has ventured into. I still remember how I was answering my final practical examinations of Bpharm and then had to quickly rush to GIM in the evening (because I was already two days late) and basically disturbed the first Healthcare Accounting class of my life.

This marked my beginning as a fresher in GIM and the journey simply got better. Now, if you ask me why Healthcare Management after Bpharm I would want to tell you that the management roles in the pharmaceutical industry are vast. One needs to expand their imaginations for a curriculum like this. The Healthcare Management program of GIM is meritorious. The curriculum is designed in such a way that you will be exposed to infinite domains, projects, presentations, roles and responsibilities in the healthcare sector.

Being a baccalaureate in pharmacy I was keen on exposing the managerial roles that the pharmaceutical industry had to offer but at the same time I was interning at GOQii Technologies Pvt. Ltd. after my first year in MBA during the summers and intriguingly, the Healthcare IT domain came to my liking and today I am a business analyst in Cognizant Business Consulting.

A prime factor in my upbringing here in GIM has been its faculty. The faculties here have provided immense support and learning which have always been mutual. Also, they have successfully managed to push us out of our comfort zones and have helped us learn in difficult environments.

When I joined GIM, it was the beginning of something. Now, when I am leaving GIM it is again the beginning of something much more. Something, that shall be a part of me for a lifetime.

 Sukanya Dhar

Batch: 2015 – 17

Healthcare Management

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