Fresher’s 5 Minutes to Fame

Up till now new joinees were known by their names, but now onwards freshers at FLAME will be known for their talent, as brilliant performances lit up the stage on Talent Night’13. Specially organized for the new joinees at FLAME, this event allowed them to showcase their expertise in whichever field they chose. With crafty moves, live drums, soulful melodies and art this event was complete with creative flairs.

The fresher’s were eager to portray their skills and the seniors were anxious to spot the new entries in their clans. Preparations for the same began days in advance as students began to practice their performances and faculty started to set-up the stage. After the oath taking ceremony, introduction to syllabus & eagerness to fit it, this evening served as a much awaited break for all. Living up to the heat of the night, performers had perfected their acts replete of costumes, especially composed music tracks, heart-felt poems and dramatic expressions.

With every student having only 5 mins to display their talent, there was an exciting chaotic energy in the entire room. Scheduled at 8 pm on 29th July, the venue was packed with audience much before time. Back to back performances of mixed themes kept everyone thoroughly entertained throughout the evening. Fields chosen ranged from Indian classical instruments to western beat-boxing.

It was around 11 pm when the evening came to an end and the crowd began to disperse with an involuntary sigh. Words of praises and proud smiles fixed on everyone’s faces was one of the best moments we can recollect of this night.