For a MBA Student Who Wants to be Self-Employed, the Classroom Got to be Very Different. What has alum Satish Goenka, MD, M S Agro Pvt. Ltd. Got to Say About JGBS Experience?

Often it would be midnight while the Class of 2013 would sit tight in their classroom- debating, analysing, researching and preparing Cases. Often, they did not want the classes to end because they never seemed one bit boring. Naturally, Satish started finding absolute satisfaction in the learning process from the moment he stepped in the campus for his MBA. 

Unlike most of the students, Satish did not come to the B-school with placements in mind. He already had a successful business going for him back home. He came to do his MBA to add more value to his profile and thereby, to M S Agro Pvt. Ltd. 

Today, the B-School alum of Batch 2013 is the Managing Director, M S Agro Pvt. Ltd., and he is glad to share the transformation journey of his life since JGBS happened. “I was definitely interested in a full-time residential program delivered by faculty members with industry experience. The international collaborations of JGBS were also a crucial deciding factor,” says the entrepreneur. 

Satish was craving to have better understanding of the business world and the JGBS PGDM did justice to his expectations. “Because of my learning at the institute I have the confidence to take quick decisions,” he says. “I was involved in many events and led an entire batch of students that went to the U.S. for an exchange program. So, I naturally gained leadership qualities that help in my business too.” 

According to Satish, learning was always fun at JGBS and things never got boring. He emphasizes on the importance of the unique and interesting teaching pedagogy used at the B-School, saying, “We would be in class from 10 am to midnight at times, but it never became tiring. Credit has to go to our faculty members, who brought their industry experience to class and kept things engaging at all times.” 

As he goes down memory lane, Satish moves on from the classroom to the state-of-the-art campus, he comments- “As far as infrastructure goes, I think JGBS should be ranked No. 1 in India,” he begins. “I don’t think any campus in the country offers such modern amenities, food by Sodexo professionals, housekeeping. Everything is top notch and makes your experience a comfortable one.” 

Satish is filled with memories of his time at JGBS and reminisces about his favorite hangouts. As an alum and industry expert, he is also keen on offering useful advice to the students at the institute. “There is huge scope for management professionals in the industry today but you need to be patient. You will have to go through ups and downs to reach the place that you have envisioned for yourself. But believe in your strengths and the platform you are being offered by your B-School,” he ends on an inspiring note.