Food for thought…….Vol 1

Today, as everyone knows, is a fast paced world. Some also call the contemporary generation as instant generation, the one who like to have their wishes and desires realized at the speed of their thought. Where connectivity and relationships have transformed from physical to the virtual domain. Undoubtedly, today’s generation has equipped itself with all the paraphernalia to succeed. Be it in terms of education, information, persistence towards one’s goals and so on. Nothing stops them. In short, they are unstoppable.

However, as happens in every race not everyone wins. There are some who fall behind others, some, whose dreams remain just that, dreams. Someone in the unstoppable lot does stops short, and precisely in such cases the graph of so called “CAREER” spirals down south. Well, at least for the moment.

It is how we respond in these circumstances and choices we make decides our future course. One receives a lot of sympathies and opinions in such times resulting in further confusion and chaos in mind and it is here I feel that most of the “instant generation” is weak. To recover from a loss. They may have the knowledge of the world but they fall short of the same about themselves. Giving up too soon, falling to the trap of “My life is done and dusted…..” and so on.

What truly will make this generation’s worth is the strength with which every individual part of this lot will develop to fight and overcome challenges. Strength does not comes from never falling, but continuing to stand in spite of them. As competition increases, there has been considerable increase in the manner of toughness and level of opponents which one face in this journey to make ones career. Talent pool has widened and opportunities narrowed, resulting in facing of harsh realities for many talented individuals who miss out on certain avenues.

To close, we will always be better than someone and someone will always be better than us. The trick is to maintain the balance between the two by learning from those who are better than us and pull up those over whom we have edge. Collaborative strength will be the new way forward. The “instant generation” has immense potential and wherewithal to achieve and walk on the path which it chooses on, if it develops the strength to not rise whenever it falls.