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  • FLAME University students attend the 6th Annual India Investment Conference – hosted by CFA Institute

    CFA Institute is the largest
    association of investment professionals in the world. They have more than
    135,000 members in 150 countries/territories. Therefore, one can imagine when
    they host a conference, it will have the most celebrated speakers. When FLAME
    University offered to send selected students to attend the conference hosted by
    CFA Institute, we were jubilant. We could not contain our enthusiasm when we
    saw the list of speakers, whom we would be meeting up close and personal. There
    were prominent speakers such as Mr. Jayesh Gandhi (Portfolio Manager, Birla Sun
    Life), Mr. Sunil Singhania (CIO, Reliance Mutual Fund), renowned valuation guru
    Prof. Aswath Damodaran (NYU Stern School of Business), Mr. Manoj Pradhan
    (Global Economist, Morgan Stanley)
    and many more eminent personalities from
    around the globe.

    Thousands of people wanted to attend, but the event capacity
    was of 500 people. We were lucky to be among them, thanks to FLAME University.

    The main event
    speakers were leading industry experts who provided incredible insights and

    Mr. Robert P. Browne, CFA, CIO
    with Northern Trust, gave key insights on global asset allocation, his past
    investing mistakes and what would the investment theme be in 2016 and beyond.

    Mr. Ashvin B. Chhabra, President
    Euclidean and author of the famous book ‘The Aspirational Investor’ highlighted
    what the nature of an investor’s portfolio should be. He explained it should have
    ‘three baskets’, safety,
    keeping up, and aspiring. He also spoke on careful
    allocation of risk in an individual’s portfolio and stressed on its importance.

    Mr. John Kay,
    visiting professor of Economics, LSE, provided an overview on the need for
    ethical and swift corporate culture. He emphasized on the importance of having
    a lean financial system in an economy to attract investors from around the
    globe. This helps the financial chain to run smoothly by providing cheap resources
    to the most efficient organizations.

    Mr. Manoj Pradhan, Senior
    Economist, Morgan Stanley focused his talks on the analysis that he had
    conducted recently. It concluded that the future 30 years are not going to be
    like the past 30, in terms of the economic structure as well as the business
    themes around the globe.

    The most awaited event of the day
    was the speech given by Prof. Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance, Leonard
    N. Stern School of Business. He presented his views on the corporate lifecycle.
    He had the most interesting views on how to value and analyze a new and young
    company such as Uber and Twitter as well as mature companies such as Apple and
    Microsoft. “Every business is born,
    matures and declines. Every number should tell a story and every story should
    relate to a number. Number crunchers shouldn’t diminish the value of
    storytelling; let’s go, tell stories!” Prof. Damodaran said during his

    Mr. Pranay Gupta, CFA, Director,
    Curriculum Projects, CFA Institute was the final speaker. He methodically
    provided guidance on the framework that an investor could use on multi asset

    The speakers were a power house
    of investment knowledge. The knowledge gained from them, will remain with the
    listeners till their life time. The fluidity in which they explained, the
    practical examples and anecdotes they gave made it so simple. We understood the
    most complex theories in a matter of an hour. Extremely grateful to FLAME
    University for providing this opportunity to their students.

    – Vikas Gupta.

    FLAME University

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