[FLAME University :: Faculty Series] Prof. Pranab Deb Stressing the Importance of Improvisation in Marketing

All said and done, the students are
excellent, and they understand the nuances of management and communication,
even branding a product.

In academics what I find is, you can
actually mould a young man. I have seen a young man come here raw, callow, and
then two years later they go back as professionals. And another two years later,
they come back as recruiters.

Marketing cannot be taught by a book,
because marketing is not a subject. It is actually a state of art. There is no
book which changes by the second. So you have to get it from the market.

The youth of today, I find is very
focused. It’s because they have got so much of social media at their
fingertips. And because of that, they know what is happening in the world
within a fraction of a second. We have to be prepared to listen to that, and
give a reply to that.

The world is not one book. The world is
not one author. The world is not one idea. When you are marketing, you cannot
rely on one source. It is a combination of many things.

Liberal education is a combination of
many domains; that is the marketing book, sports, simulations, the global

For me the unit of challenge is one
student. So each and every student has to live up to his/her reputation. Bring
cases in the classroom. Also, try to give them a level of freedom. And that has
been a great success so far.

I am really looking forward to the new
generation taking over the world. Welcome to a new way of life. Welcome to

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About Prof. Pranab Deb

Prof. Pranab Deb is currently an Associate Professor at FLAME University. Earlier, he was an Academic Director at PIBM, Pune, for both AICTE as well as University of Pune streams.

He has total teaching experience of 20 years which includes teaching at ICFAI and Symbiosis, and industry experience of 11 years in leading organizations like PCS Industries, Zenith Computers Ltd., CMS Computers Ltd., TVS Electronics and the last assignment was as Regional Head for KRSL, an Indian MNC.