FLAME Showcase: My Journey To An Internship with The Reserve Bank of India

With confidence in my stride, I walked into the interview room. After a few pleasantries shared, my ordeal started.

Interviewer 1 : If I make you the Branch Manager of a Bank, how will you make money?

Answer : If the investment sentiment is positive, I will lend more to businesses and help in capital formation. If the investment sentiment is negative, I will trade in the secondary market (treasury operations) and make profits.

Interviewer 2 : What is ease of doing business that our Prime Minister talks so much about and why is it important?

Answer : It refers to how easily a business can operate. To give a few examples, how easily can a business acquire land, or get a license or register the name of the company. It is important because, it directly translates into the level of economic activity in the country and reflects in the capital formation.

And one by one there were more questions directed at me that I answered calmly.

Since the age of 14, I have been interested in reading about the economy and tracking the stock market. However, never in my dreams did I think that someday I would actually be sitting in an interview with officials from the Reserve Bank of India.

In the final year of my Bachelors in Business Administration, I applied to only one institution for Masters – FLAME University – and I joined it. I remember my mentor telling me “for Finance you should evaluate FLAME University”. I understand every bit of what he told me after joining FLAME.

I applied for an internship, through the college, in Reserve Bank of India. I was shortlisted, and since the news came, for more than 10 days the only thing on my to-do list was to prepare for the interview. My faculty and the Placement Cell helped me a lot in my preparation. It is very important to get your basics strong, if you want to crack such interviews. With the basics in place, my faculty gave me ample amount of reading. The teachings from my faculty and the Flame Investment Lab have been so useful, that I could answer all the questions just because I paid attention in classes – yes, classes! I am looking forward to my internship with the RBI and hope to discover my talent for Finance further on.

With the multitude of resources available on campus – Flame Investment Lab, Library of Mistakes, the exposure to Industry and most importantly the Faculty, I truly believe that FLAME University is the Mecca of Value Investing and I have landed at the right place.