First Come. First Seat

Travelling in a bus on a Monday to go to an Axis Bank to buy a CAT Voucher didn’t give me any jitters. During the registration process, when I was about to select my exam slot, I paused for a while. After deep consultation with my mother and my aunts over the various CAT-friendly dates available as per the Astrological signs, I booked a slot. Though I don’t believe in any of those, but can’t hurt to try.

And here I am today reading the “First day-First show” review of the CAT 2013. Most of the people seemed to focus on the difficulty level and question patterns but what caught my attention was that fewer people were giving CAT on the first day than compared to, let’s say, my slot. And since all the training institutes have to release their reviews, it struck me that most of the people giving writing on the first day were professors and trainers. And as most of you might know these people don’t mark the answers even if they are able to solve 20-25+ questions in each section. What that does in the bigger picture is that it creates a big difference during normalization. A guy might be in the top 2 %ile of the first day after doing moderately. And suppose, I am giving the same paper as on the first day on one of the peak slots in the next few days. For sure, it will create a difference unless I am one of the few who is going to get a 99+ %ile.

So, what I realized that all of us who have about 10-12 days to the big day and we know that we have to beat the odds and convert the mock scores of 90-92 to 98-99 on the D-day. And, that is exactly what I am going to do. But for the guys who are already scoring 98-99, I hope that our slots are different. In the event that this year is not my final attempt at the CAT, next year I am giving the CAT on the first day.

p.s. Answer the following :

1. What is the author’s tone?

2. What is the main theme?

3. What would you like to ask the author if you met him in real life ?

Goodluck for CAT all of you. Keep smiling