Financial Awareness Quiz For Upcoming Exams- III

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We are presenting you a Financial Awareness quiz which helps you in your preparation. In Competitive exams questions related to Economics & Finance are generally asked in General Awareness section. So do solve the quiz and try to give your answers in comment section, soon we will publish the correct answers. 

1. Which of the following is a receipt listed in
India and traded in rupees declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company?

(1) Indian Depository Receipt (IDR)

(2) European Depository Receipt (EDR)

(3) Global Depository Receipt (GDR)

(4) American Depository Receipt (ADR)

(5) Luxembourg Depository Receipt (LDR)

2. The concept of “Micro Credit” essentially concentrates

(1) consumption smoothing and when needed

(2) providing safe place to hold savings

(3) accepting deposits

(4) provision of credit to the poor

(5) facility to transfer money

3. An equity share is also commonly referred to

(1) ordinary share

(2) debenture

(3) convertible share

(4) security receipt

(5) preferred stock

4. A bank’s ‘fixed deposit’ is also referred to

(1) term deposit

(2) saving bank deposit

(3) current deposit

(4) demand deposit

(5) home saving deposit

5. Bank’s mandatory lending to farmers for agriculture,
micro and small enterprises and other weaker sections where in banks required
to lend up 40% of the loan is generally described as:

(1) Para Banking

(2) Sub – prime lending

(3) Retail lending

(4) Non – priority lending

(5) Priority sector lending

6. Which of the following services relate to
execute of transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or
other banks?

(1) Wholesale Banking Services

(2) Industrial Banking Services

(3) Investment Banking Services

(4) Corporate Banking Services

(5) Retail Banking Services

7. To improve access of the poor to banking, RBI
has advised banks to open branches with minimum infrastructure supporting up to
8 to 10 Business Correspondents (BC) at a reasonable distance of 3-4 km. Such
branches are known as:

(1) Nodal branches

(2) Micro branches

(3) Mini branches

(4) Ultra small branches

(5) Satellite branches

8. What is the present Reverse Repo rate?

(1) 7.5%

(2) 6.5%

(3) 7.75%

(4) 6.75%

(5) 8.75%

9. The Aadhar – enabled Payment System (AEPS) is
a bank – led model that facilitates banking facilities through banking correspondents
across banks. However, Aadhar – enabled basics types of banking transactions
does not include:

(1) Aadhar to Aadhar funds transfer

(2) Small overdraft facility

(3) Cash withdrawal

(4) Balance enquiry

(5) Cash deposit

10. The part of company’s earning or profits
which are paid out to shareholders is known as:

(1) capital gains

(2) taxes

(3) interest on borrowings

(4) dividends

(5) penal interest


Qs 1 (1) 
Qs 2 (4)    Qs 3 (1)  Qs 4 (1)  
Qs 5 (5)     

Qs 6 (5)  
Qs 7 (4)  Qs 8 (2)  Qs 9 (2) Qs 10 (4)

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