FIIB E-Summit 2014: Exploring the World of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

An Entrepreneurship Summit was held recently at Fortune Institute of International Business during Meraki 2014, a Pan Asian B-plan Competition. The day started with an insightful workshop on “Go to Market Strategy for Young Entrepreneurs” conducted by Mr. Ambarish Gupta, Founder, Knowlarity. The conversation threw light on essential and crucial points with Mr. Gupta sharing his views such as, “The more successful and organized a product is, it has more chances of getting copied. Marketing Strategies and funnel have to be very strong and must be based only on the range of the target clients.” He went on to explain how small businesses in India are “Penny focused” and how an entrepreneur will have to showcase the benefits to investors to raise funding. He also laid emphasis on choosing the right sales channel at all times.

The post lunch Panel Discussion on “Promoting Entrepreneurship for inclusive development in India” included eminent speakers like Mr Ketan Kapoor (CEO-, Mr. Jyotika Bhatia (Founder- Srujna & Winner of Meraki 2012) and Mr. Anshoo Sharma (Principal- Light Speed Venture Partners). Panel moderator Mr. Manish Kheterpal (Chairman, FIIB) started the discussion sharing a thought that- “To inspire today’s youth, we need to empower them; to empower them, we need to embrace them, which in turn will act as the key to see growth actually taking place in this diverse nation.”

During the discussion, Panelists shared their ideas & opinions from the vast experience and expertise they carry. Mr. Ketan stressed on the fact that- “Sustainability comes along the way when you initiate the journey. No concrete success formula is available for this.”

Mr. Anshoo emphasized that- “If the thought you are building has an impact, then definitely the customers, competitors and market researchers will acknowledge its presence invariably. Do think big while thinking on an entrepreneurship plan, since without it, good returns can’t be expected.”

Ms. Jyotika shared how her journey to empower artisans by strengthening grass root charities through business trainings & market assistance had started. She expressed her belief that “Entrepreneurship allows people to use their creativity to create a platform for bridging the gaps in society.”

The session was concluded with an elaborate answer session around the elements of entrepreneurship and innovation.