FIIB Debate Series- Is Social Media a boon for the Indian Youth?

The recent session of FIIB Debate Series explored opinions on “Is Social Media a boon for the Indian Youth?” Many expressed the belief that social media platforms have been helping Indian youth in a lot of ways; while others pointed out how social media has affected personal development of youngsters.

Social Media is Beneficial in many ways:

In the recent years, Social Media has entered mainstream civilization and has undergone assimilation processes into routine lives of the people, especially young populace. With its promising constructive effects about social networking and communication; several social media platforms have helped us generate online profiles and maintain & exhibit an online network of relations with like-minded people. This is an advanced version of the general human condition known as ‘need to communicate’ as this has not only helped to strengthen social ties, but also helped people to be an active part of the ‘information explosion’ that takes place on the internet.

Millions of users across the world use these platforms to expand their professional network, enhance knowledge and accumulate useful information. Social Media circles can also be used to access important news, journals, articles or entertainment channels such as video games or and music. They help people to form strong opinions and awareness among people on current boiling issues. In India, the stirring momentum against Supreme Court’s LGBT verdict, recent historical win of AAP in Delhi were at large geared through debates & discussions on social media floors like Facebook & Twitter. Even political leaders and celebrities today use social media to connect with the youth.

Use of Social Media is Unproductive:

Excess of anything is bad. What initially started as tools for enhancing knowledge has now become means of addiction for most of the youngsters today. Regular users have a tendency to stay in that virtual world for a longer period of time than at the real world. This has made people lose their valuable time and energy beyond their conscious. This in turn takes a toll on the health of the users and also on their study/work performance.

One grave problem faced by a lot of users is the misuse of personal information. Many people especially women feel threatened as their personal circle radii are breached by unwanted people. The roots of many cyber-crimes of recent times are nothing but social media. There is no control over the content that is being shared in these platforms- leading to many anti-social and illegal activities. Today’s social media has gone out of control and it is at the best interest of the Indian youth to keep away from these platforms.

Disclaimer: The article has been written by a member of Corporate Communication team at Fortune Institute of International Business-FIIB, but the views in the article are that of the participants and do not reflect the views of the Institute.