Feel the heat with Techkriti’16

Techkriti ’16 will kick off with its usual fervour on 3rd March and end with a bang on 6th March. While being a technological and entrepreneurial festival, the event also brings with it many activities that cater to every interest. With varied workshops, exhibitions, inspiring talks and fabulous shows, Techkriti ’16 will keep you on your feet for all the time. PaGaLGuY brings to you the juicy meat of the festival, which will give you reason enough to attend the event.

Do you love racing? To feel the thrill of speeding vehicles, drop by the Techkriti Grand prix. Design buffs will be right at home with the Bridge Design challenge, Junkyard Wars, Scientoon and Concatenate. Software geeks have an array of choices with Battle City, Chaos, IOPC, Appathon and IHPC. All those who revere the miracle of flight can revel in Hoverush, Impulse, Multiroter, Rule The Sky and Sky Sparks. You can also go to witness IORC, Whatsup, Astroquiz, AstroTreasure, Nutcracker and Crime Run. Those who want to bring a change in society will be delighted by Soccon, 29 States and Techkriti Innovation Challenge.  Feel the heat with the Fire show, experience adventure with the bikes show, go nuts with EDM Sunburn and finally be prepared to be enthralled by the mere presence of Farhan Akhtar. Phew! So much to explore. Some of YouTube’s famous performers, the cast of TVF pitchers, Abhay Mahajan(mandal), Arunabh Kumar(Yogi), Jitender Kumar(Jitu) and Aakansha Thakur( Saumya Maheshwari) along with Vipul Goyal will outwit you in the interactive session Techkriti has planned for you. It’ll be fun to see how these characters that won us over are in person. Be prepared for an interactive session with the cast of the popular web series.

The event also provides an opportunity to budding engineers to gain scientific perspective. There is a myriad collection of events like Marketing Villa, Accessible India, Be The Tycoon and Social Track. There’s also a wide spectrum of workshops to attend and enjoy, from Bridge Design to Cloud Computing, from Embedded Systems to Flying Wing, from Augmented Reality to Ethical Hacking. Enjoy the interactive exhibitions such as Automated Chess and Gesture Controlled Gaming, while visually imbibing knowledge from exhibitions like Manav, Bionic Arm, Hovertrax, WiFi dustbin and Charging Valet Tray to name just a few.

Those willing to be inspired by the words of the wise will be enthralled by the talks this Techkriti. The chief guest this year is Dr. Hamid Karzai, Honourable Ex-President, Afghanistan. There will also be stalwarts like Dr Lyndon Evans, Jorge Cham, Vikas Swarup and Mike Libecki, to share with you their experiences from vastly different fields.

With a full house of drama, learning and heat, Techkriti’16 is down to business to make these 4 days the most memorable ones of your college life. There’s so much do and experience, that missing out on the event may be a big mistake.