Experiences of European Study Tour – II [ITM Chennai]


In ESSCA the class would be as fresh as sunrise, new concept new approaches to our learning and really exciting that I couldn’t afford to miss the Learning. Majority of time it so happened the concept being taught to us that time would have already been taught by our professors back in India. This made us stronger in getting clarity of the concepts and how it is approached by different culture people.

Simulation game was one of the subject I look forward for every week as it started it was exciting but when twist and turn taking place in further rounds , there came the real challenge of applying the management skills ( finance. R&D, Promotion, etc.) Were more challenging to me.

My core subject was marketing and as my professor. SatyaSaminadan use to tell ”Real learning of marketing is in the field ” and now I totally believe in it. Getting on real field of brands and working a project for them was like a hand on experience to me. The problems a marketing department face in real life , how do they follow the current scenarios and keep themselves up to date with technology all ,we got to learn in the field through the project. Territorial marketing of Equestrian games which was about to be held in august was another project. It was damn exciting to work on such live project .

Brand management was also a part of our curriculum which made my perception to change that the essence of a brand is so important in marketing. Really a wide knowledge on aspects of marketing was gained. One of my favorites would be negotiation class that was so lively to do a role play with situations and convince people to negotiate.
The real management skills were taught so practically in both the colleges .

All these came in some forms of knowledge to me n I believe ”an investment in knowledge pays the best interest ”. It was all about studies now the entertainment side no matter I was from Chennai the other batch from Mumbai always treated me as if they knew me from so long. I was blessed to have my own Chennai friends as well as Mumbai friends without whom this journey wouldn’t be as smooth as it happened.

”The best advertising is done by satisfied customers” yes I’m thoroughly satisfied with what the institution has given to me the experience of life, culture, friends and opportunity. I’m blessed to be part of such program I thank the institutions first ITM for believing in us that we are capable of it , then ESSCA And Normandy for accepting us to be part of their culture . I’m really proud to be a student of ITM institution.