Experience of Question Error in CAT at the morning slot of Oct 28

My CAT exam was scheduled in the morning slot dated 28.10.2013 at Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute (Ghatkopar West, Mumbai). To my surprise, no one in the area knew where the institute was. I was a little nervous as I thought I would not reach the institute on time. Then to my surprise, Google Maps helped me find the college.

I was in front of the PC and started the exam. Section 1 seemed to be easy till the 10th question. Then, suddenly a fellow student in the room started shouting: “Madam, there is some data missing in the question.” Then, as I reached the 14th question, I too found the error. In the question set of 3 questions, one of the questions didn’t mention ‘ratio’ properly (time remaining then was 25 minutes). Even I raised a doubt and then slowly many students raised the same doubt.

The Exam Controller was called and the madam said, “We will call them and let you know.” (TIME REMAINING: 20 min). Till the mean time, the exam supervisor in our room were suggesting students, “Mark the answer for the error question. Hopefully you would get the marks like you used to get during school days.” (TIME REMAINING: 10 min)

Still there was no news from the Exam Controller Admin if we should mark any options or just leave it. I forgot about that question, and the time for the Section 1 expired.

Then finally, the Exam Controller Admin in-charge came in and told us not to mark any options for the wrong question. And then there was disregard to the news which all got. Every one shouted backand said that they had marked the question. There was hush-hush for about 5 min.

Everyone was disturbed by then and the time remaining for Section 2 was 50 minutes. It was really difficult to concentrate. Being an exam like CAT and something like this happens..

Finally the exam ended and the only topic of discussion was “ERROR QUESTION.” Hopefully, in the coming year the exam will be handled in a more responsible manner.