Exams! Exams everywhere!

It all begins with an idea, a realization of sorts. Resilient, like a virus. Highly contagious. And

that’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men

selfish. But you never heard the bells ringing, the wheels of time furiously turning the tide

against you. You were busy warped in a fantasy of your own making. A lie trapped in a bottle

weaker than its own existence. But that’s exactly how humans function. If you can’t bear the

weight of reality, hide behind the walls of wilful ignorance. But now the End is nigh. The

shadows cast by your own indifference have unleashed upon you the demons that lived in its

dark corners. And now you beg for forgiveness? Redemption is for those who fight, but you

have already lost haven’t you? There are always be those who saw the disaster coming long

before it all began. They strived, they struggled. Minds, burning through time as you basked

in the soothing shades of peace. Oracles of the time, they struggled, partly because they

feared the apocalypse more than they loved the rest, and partly because they loved to strive.

Some of them might even help you, while others indulge in mockery.

Here you are, lying trapped in despair, facing a certain defeat. Your worst fears have come to

engulf your sanity. What do you do? Give up? Let go? No. Remember who you are,

remember who you were born to be. A warrior, not one without fear, but one who keeps

fighting in its face. Never giving up. Realize that, storms come and go, what stays is the

warrior, growing stronger with each battle he fights. Devote yourself to the ideal, for it cannot

be destroyed. Embrace your worst fears: Exams. For you’re more than just a man. You’re an

engineer. And engineers are forever.

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