Ex- IITian, entrepreneur, now ‘former’ CEO as speaker at IIT Kanpur’s e-summit

IIT Kanpur has the e-Summit 2015 just
around the corner, (28th-30th August, 2015) and guess who is on their list of Chief Speakers?

Here is a brief that describes the man himself.

dropped out of IIT Bombay and started his own online venture. He resigned from
the very same company he started, only to retract from his resignation a day later.
Eventually, this ping pong was put to an end when the stakeholders
themselves sent him packing for misbehaviour. If you still haven’t guessed,
it’s Rahul Yadav- Founder and former CEO of Housing.com

He is known
to be young, brash and many in the media would even go to the extent of calling
him cynical. But this man, who had once led the media on a wild goose chase,
has actually consented to deliver a lecture during this e-Summit. The students themselves concede to the fact that he
was tough to get on board and not to mention the sleepless nights they
anticipate until the event is held.

We at PaGaLGuY wondered, why and how this man who dropped out
of an IIT has agreed to lecture a batch of youngsters. Beginning emails by
addressing the recipient as “Dude“. He even wrote to the stakeholders in an
email as, “guys who are not intellectually capable enough to have any sensible
discussion anymore”. This email has been doing rounds in the media as well. He
fibbed to half the journalists who contacted him, about acquiring a company,
and there is so much more one could write about him. And guess what, he will
address the students on ‘What not to do as an Entrepreneur’. It will be
interesting to hear what he has to say, as well as see how inspiring his
efforts will be. Until then, watch this space for more!

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