Every dog has its day

My CAT results are out and they are abysmal. I am already 24 and this was my first attempt at cracking an MBA. Frankly, I didn’t expect my score to be in the late 90’s but at least was hoping to be in the reckoning of some good b-schools. I had already shed my fair share of tears after I had finished my CAT exam. The most important thing of scoring well in CAT is that a lot of very good b-schools open up and so it has been a tough pill to swallow. One annoying thing has been to answer the question when asked upon the CAT score by my friends and colleagues and the only thing it does is rub salt to the wounds but I have no choice but to face it. Although, it would have been reverse if I had scored well, so no complaints.

There has been a lot of clamor amongst the students on the unfairness of the CAT score calculation but let’s be honest here if the same students had scored well, there wouldn’t have been any complaints from them. Let’s appreciate those who have done well.

In one of the other entrance exams, my decent exam score has been ruined by my academic profile score even though I scored the highest possible in SSC and HSC. The one solace I have is getting a call from one of the other premier b-schools by clearing their entrance exam.

Rather than harping on my results, I can only look ahead and give a crack at the opportunity of studying in one of the premier b-schools I have got a call for. I cannot let the emotions get the better of me. There is additional nervousness and anxiety and I need to channelize it in a proper way. There are still a few results to come out and also a crack at few other exams.

The reason, earlier, I gave up so fast is because I had tended to look at how far I still had to go, instead of how far I had gotten. I don’t know what’s in store for me ahead but one thing is for sure that I have learned a lot in the preparation up to the exams.

“Every dog has its day” and my day will surely come sooner rather than later.