European students in US prefer MBA, Indians prefer STEM (Part 2)

Recent reports by the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Programme) – the Department of Homeland Security, about 83% Indian students in the US are enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related fields. The survey report shows figures until fall 2016. A major part of the report focuses on the high contribution of Asian students towards STEM-related fields and decrease in preference of Management-related fields. However, while this is the trend in Asia, the statistics for Europe suggest otherwise.

As per the report, out of the total number of European students studying in the US, only 22% are pursuing STEM, whereas the demand for management and marketing related fields is higher amongst European students. The majority of these students come from the United Kingdom, and some from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Russia.

In the list of major fields of study by Eurpoean students, Management and Marketing fields rank on number 1, with Engineering and other STEM-related fields filling positions after 5. This trend is quite contradictory to the statistics for fields of study amongst Asian students in the US. Read here for more information about Asian students statistics.