Indian students encouraged to avail of EU’s Erasmus+ scholarships for short-term / Masters’ programmes

Delegation of EU in India at Taj Krishna in Hyderabad

European universities have opened fresh opportunities for Indian students as a delegation of the European Union (EU) to India held a workshop in Hyderabad yesterday (November 28) to woo more students for the Eamrus+ scholarships.

Eamrus+ is the main programme of EU supporting education, training, youth and sport. It offers scholarships to Indian students to pursue short-term / Masters’ programme in any of the European universities.

With over 4,000 higher educational institutions spread over 28 countries, the delegation explained to aspirants about the scholarships being offered to Indian students. “The credit mobility programme will allow Indian students can go to European institutions for short-term mobility (up to 12 months) and earn credits. The EU will not only give them scholarship but also better exposure in the area of learning,” said Dr Cesare Onestini, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of the delegation.

Every year, over 50,000 students go to European countries to pursue various courses. Officials claim that Science-related fields are the most preferred among Indian students. However, the Eamrus+ scholarship provides scholarship in range of courses. More than 12,500 undergraduate programmes are taught in English in all the EU countries.

“While students can go for short-term period ranging up to 12 months, for Masters’ courses, scholarship of 25,000 euros is given to Indian students. For short-term scholarships, the EU covers expenses such as travel and accommodation,” said Sanjay Roy, senior higher education expert with DAI Europe further explaining on the criteria based on which the candidates are selected for the scholarship.

“Students are selected based on their academic credentials, English proficiency scores and relevance of the course that they have selected to study in EU countries,” explained Roy.

Erasmus+ has an overall budget of 14.7 billion Euros with an additional 1.68 billion Euros reserved for third country beneficiaries via the EU’s external budget. Officials said that the deadline for applying for scholarships is February 7, 2017. Information on available courses and funding opportunities can be obtained from the Erasmus+ website