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Dear PaGaLGuY readers, English Comprehension and English Language skills form an integral part of a number of competitive examinations, such as the SSC CGL, SSC CHSL exams, Banking Entrance exams, UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, MBA entrance exams, Combined Defence Service Examination, etc. Given the importance of this section, we bring you this English Language Quiz to help you practise and improve

This quiz has questions from the actual SSC examinations held during the last few years. Solve this quiz and leave your responses/ answers in the comments section below. We will soon let you know the correct answers!

In the questions given below, read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks with one of the four alternatives given below:

Beggars have found a new way of making money. They seek __1__ via SMS, requesting credit of sums __2__ from Rs.10 to Rs.100. They explain their __3__ and end the message with a statement of __4__. Those who are god-fearing will definitely __5__ their request and will be heaped with __6__ as a reward for their good __7_. Many also send heavenly pictures of __8__. Quite a few people __9__ and give away alms. They __10__ that they are giving money in the name of God, irrespective of who the receiver is.

1. (a) donation (b) loan (c) alms (d) favour

2. (a) differing (b) ranging (c) fluctuating (d) producing

3. (a) problem (b) difficulty (c) task (d) duty

4. (a) dependence (b) morality (c) immorality (d) faith

5. (a) leap (b) heed (c) forward (d) think

6. (a) curse (b) cruelty (c) blessings (d) tensions

7. (a) deed (b) work (c) task (d) job

8. (a) river (b) hell (c) garden (d) paradise

9. (a) take action (b) respond (c) argue (d) quarrel

10. (a) argue (b) consider (c) believe (d) imagine

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