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Dear PaGaLGuY readers, English Comprehension and English Language skills form an integral part of a number of competitive examinations, such as the SSC CGL, SSC CHSL exams, Banking Entrance exams, UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, MBA entrance exams, Combined Defence Service Examination, etc. Given the importance of this section, we bring you this English Language Quiz to help you practise and improve.

This quiz has questions from actual SSC examinations held during the last few years. Solve this quiz and leave your responses/ answers in the comments section below. We will soon let you know the correct answers!

In the following questions, the first sentence and the last parts/ sentences of the passage sentence are numbered (I) and (VI). The rest of the passage/ sentence is split into four parts, namely P, Q, R and S. These four sentences are not given in their proper order. Read the sentences, find out the correct order of the same and then, find the correct answer from the codes given below.

  1. (I) Six robbers entered a nationalised bank today at 09: 50 am

(P) One group kept an eye on the customers

(Q) The assistant manager was forced to unlock the vault

(R) The other group held the manager at gun point

(S) They cut off the telephone lines and deactivated the burglar alarm

(VI) The whole operation was over in 20 mins.

(a) SPRQ            (b) PSRQ       (c) PQSR           (d) QPRS

2. (I) AIDS in an incurable disease which affects the resistance power of the body

(P) People succumb within two years and often die inspite of treatment

(Q) AIDS is caused by the virus named HIV

(R) In such a condition the body is totally defenceless against all kinds of infection

(S) HIV destroys the white blood cells which fight the bacterial virus

(VI)Thorough research is going on throughout the world for the prevention and cure of AIDS

(a) QPRS          (b) QSRP           (c) RQSP          (d) SPQR

3. (I) The amount of oxygen

(P) to meet the increasing demands

(Q) due to indiscriminate deforestation

(R) is being diminished day by day

(S) which is released from the plant kingdom

(VI) of the human population

(a) RQSP       (b) PSRQ        (c) RPQS      (d) SRQP

4. (I) Books are the best company

(P) Through books, we even see them as if they are really alive

(Q) They also give us the best society

(R) We hear what such great men said or did

(S) They help us in establishing contact with many great men

(VI) As we read, we share great thoughts with great men

(a) PQRS         (b) QPSR       (c) QPRS        (d) SPQR

5. (I) One of the greatest advances

(P) has been the invention of computers

(Q) in modern technology

(R) in industry, administration and education,

(S) which are widely used

(VI) and in almost every sphere of human life

(a) PQRS      (b) QPSR       (c) QPRS      (d) SPQR

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