Engineers are awesome… And here’s why you need to be one!

“What is your ambition?”

Ever since our childhood days, we’ve been asked this question time and again. Be it relatives or friends, this plausible interrogation has never left our side, and always presents itself at every social gathering.  Having passed the crucial phase of choosing a stream in Junior College, we are now faced with the second strenuous decision of our academic life: choosing the core stream of study. 

If engineering were a religion, it would be widely followed in India. If you aren’t an engineer yourself, you will definitely have friends, siblings, or cousins who are either studying to be engineers or are well placed already. The ‘mera beta engineer banega’ belief is still a frequently trailed track in India. Many a times, we have heard stories of how there are less number of girls enrolled in engineering courses or how the year-round submissions takes away the joy of being in college. I’m sure all of us might have also come across someone asserting over the pressure of mastering 40 subjects in 8 semesters over the course of 4 years. 

But when you come to think of it, engineers are probably the most awesome people you’ll ever meet. Some might blame it on the 48 months of exhaustive training, but the fact remains that engineers are the only ones who can answer any given question without having to rack their brain for hours. Yes, dear friends; Engineering teaches you that, and much more! 

Without engineers, science would just be philosophy. 

As is said, the next 40 to 50 years of your life depends on your hard work in the next 4 to 5 years. It is important that you choose a career for yourself, which doesn’t deprive you of the enjoyment and satisfaction. 

To ‘engineer’ means to “make things happen”. Engineering is all about designing and producing services that are useful and have some commercial value. Engineering proficiency converts scientific understanding into cutting-edge technology and then this technology is skillfully produced into a successful innovation. Most of the simple aspects from our day-to-day life are the works of engineering. In a nutshell, engineers are the masterminds behind conceptualising, designing, developing and producing discoveries in science and technologies. 

Here’s why you should definitely give a thought to why it would be awesome to be an Engineer:

1. Be the first to try out cool things

There’s never a shortage of skill when it comes to engineering. Engineers are responsible for making the future a reality, and thus are always the first ones to get a hands-on experience with the newest in market. Be it high-end gadgets, tech-savvy cars, artificial intelligence-they’ve been there, done that!

2. There’s never a dry moment

An engineering career will help you develop your ability to think logically as well as creatively, thus placing you in a position that you would have never thought of before. Meeting time deadlines, developing adaptable alternatives and extensive problem solving are all a part of the engineering life. These values will help you throughout your life and are needed to better the world we live in.

3. Timely Challenges

Being short of challenging tasks will never be a problem when you’re an engineer. It’s an engineer’s job to change the technologies of today and make it adaptable to tomorrow’s needs. Coming up with an idea that has never been thought of and making it a big time thing is what engineers do best.

4.  Greater understanding = Broader Approach

As an engineer you will gain a great insight into how things work, thus having a broader approach towards life in general. There will always be a thirst to learn new things and invent new methods to perform the same work with a different line of action.

5. Always in demand

Engineers are always sought after by a large number of companies. Being trained for four years on diverse subjects, engineers are equipped with the best streak of what companies look for in their employees. Fitting into all kinds of environment is another trait of engineers that makes them evergreen and ever in demand.

6. More Job Opportunities

Having an engineering degree gives you an edge over many others, be it in the field of Information Technology, Mechanics or Electronics. Whichever may be the domain of your interest, there’s always a job to suit you!

7. Professional working environment

As an engineer, you get to work in an environment that gives you a first-hand experience of a formal and professional working scenario. The opportunity to learn is manifold and there’s a drastic personal growth rate involved with working in such a polished environment. 

8. Significant Impact on the society

Engineers have a huge impact on changing the trends of the world, as well as providing a better standard of living for the people. Engineers are responsible for bringing about prominent changes to the society and converting dreams to realities.

9. Good balance between work and life 

Enjoying your hobbies and other interests is never a problem for engineers. Having the financial security and good payoffs gives them enough freedom to explore different avenues for self-satisfaction and relaxation. Engineers are plenty talented in managing time effectively and adaptability. Juggling interesting assignments and keeping a healthy social life, along with enjoying their personal hobbies is something engineers do best. In other words, engineers are the master multi-taskers!

10. Get to travel

This is probably the most fascinating part of an engineer’s life. Traveling starts right from college days, in the form of Industrial Visits and Field Trips. An engineering job involves outings to different areas, native or oversees. Now, who doesn’t like to travel?!

With advantages many, Engineering is one of the best profession choices and is highly sought after by many aspiring to lead, rather than to be led. 

Engineers are awesome because they can fix nearly anything… or die trying!