Engineering, IT, and Technology

With a long history of pioneering higher education, Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities.
European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. However, under the Bologna Process, European universities are working to standardize degree systems. If you are planning to study engineering in Europe you may see the benefits discussed below.

  • Cutting Edge Technology
    Europe is known for its technological advance. The research facilities of its Engineering universities and institutions rank best in the world. These are strategically positioned near the country’s industrial centres to ensure close interaction.
  • Subsidized Education Fees
    A major advantage of studying in Europe is that the tuition fees are highly subsidized. The DAAD scholarship is yet another attractive option for the international students.
  • Engineering Courses in English language
    English is widely spoken in Europe and may universities offer programmes entirely in English thus making it easier and popular among international students.
  • Cost Of Living
    The cost of living in Europe is very low as compared to other international destinations.
  • Diversity
    The beauty of Europe is that it offers so much choice. With world-class universities, higher education institutions and research institutes, offering 100,000s of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD/Doctoral programmes, plus short term exchange programmes, you can choose the experience that suits you.
  • Cultural experiences
    Studying in Europe is not just about lectures and libraries, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover new countries and to discover yourself too! From the snowy north to the sun-soaked south, across Europe you will find breathtakingly  beautiful landscapes, buzzing cities and vibrant cultures waiting for you.
  • Job Prospects
    Europe presents tremendous career opportunities to international engineering students. Many of the top manufacturing companies directly recruit from the universities they are associated with. Engineering talent is in huge demand irrespective of the nationality. Recent easing of residence requirements make it much easier for foreigners to live and work in Europe.
    Europe being a manufacturing hub one can work in various manufacturing companies once your engineering degree is completed especially in Germany . Germany industry has traditionally put a strong emphasis on science and technology. Germany has the highest number of employed engineering workers and the second highest share of engineering workers among all employees in the European Union. The largest numbers of job vacancies in engineering are the Hamburg and Stuttgart areas as well as in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Work Permit requirements have been relaxed.Engineers from non-EU countries can now benefit from the new EU Blue Card, which gives highly skilled foreign immigrants the right to live and work in Germany

Europe is a wonderful place for anyone seeking to study and enjoy the experience at the same breadth. This is a region full of experiences in the different times of the year. The need to acquire quality university education has seen many foreign students come to Europe and enroll for their bachelor degrees. The culture of the European people is rich and dynamic on all fronts. This is a good reason for you to come and agree that European university education system is undeniably one of the worlds finest and this compels many foreign students. There are universities that offer tuition supplements to foreign students and travel requirements into Europe can be less hectic which make people wanting to live and work in Europe.
For people who want a peaceful and calm student life with ample job opportunities after degree and hassle free work permit, they must opt for studying in Europe.