Young minds soaked in scientific concepts, right after attempting the final gateway to the engineering college of their dreams, await choices to be made.

Be it a definite decision or bewildering uncertainty, a student can’t help but be uneasy at the thought of spending the next four years at an institution at the discretion of a rank.

The student’s arrival at the allotted college is paradoxical. Excitement peaks thinking of things new, while the mind is reminded of the distant home. Before one can handle this emotional tumult, paperwork and other formalities are to be done. Fresh faces come in bulk, each with an introduction. One undergoes the process of getting familiar with faces and names several times, mostly confused on what to talk about. Once silence is mutually comfortable, conversations become free and natural.

Classes commence slowly and one realises it would take effort to come back on the academic track after months of rigorous revision. In this struggle, nostalgia serves blasts from the past. Though it will be difficult, you must make it a habit to stay in the moment, for then only things will go smooth. As time progresses, a plethora of opportunities and challenges emerge in the form of student chapters, clubs, fests and what not. One can think anything about such events, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what was accomplished. Confusion may take a toll so prioritising interests, rather than switching activities, is crucial. Make up your mind. Believe in yourself. Stay optimistic. Do what you really want to. Be free. Love yourself. So much to do, while some struggle to wake up early. But that’s just about it. The key is to never give up. No matter what may go wrong, do give it a shot if you really want to. 

Monitoring sleep is one of those ideal acts which commonly become just a part of imagination. With multiple assignments, completion tasks, or desired movies to watch, the bed is used more for activities unintended for it. Internet slams your life like never before. The sooner one starts staying actively outside their room, the better. Classrooms are filled due to compulsory attendance most of time. One would expect engineering to be completely technical before joining. But, Academics turns out to be only one slice of bread from the bread packet of engineering, just because there are no exams in the following week. Freedom can be the best gift or worst privilege of this journey. Choose wisely, live well.

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