Engineering in India –‘Become an engineer and then decide what to do!’

I am not going to post or discuss the Indian education system or the ways to change them, but I wish to share with you a story, a story of an Indian student. I hope that end of this article would certainly make you to think of your dreams or goals that you had other than having engineering as your life because it’s only in India where people do this main thing “become an engineer and then decide what to do”.

The story begins when a child is born in an
Indian middle- class family. That’s the genesis of life isn’t it? Hence, the
story has to begin from that point. An average Indian is born, which even
though is not as much big a thing given that there are hundreds of us being
added every minute to the brigade. Now the child gradually experiences all his
childhood  happiness that one can have
till his teenage and once he gets into 
his teenage, ‘the real race begins’.

Now the tale goes smooth as like this play
school, middle school and then to the high school which is really high in
pressurizing the young minds enormous than the education quality, and when a student
enters into his
9th grade in India it is like entering the most critical stage of one’s life
and now the surroundings start to begin their advice like “Listen up son. This
year and the next year are the most crucial years of your life! So please don’t
waste your life in a haste work hard as much you can and get your life settled”
so he blindly believes in that and really sacrifices a lot as he is
standing at the ‘edge of his life’.

Not in few more months of enjoyment it is time
to get in to another war ‘the college fever begins ‘after the journey of lots
of entrances one steps in the engineering college with actually no
plans or dreams but just because of this one word “ENGINEER”. Finally after
completing the war with lots of effort and in clearing many and losing some! ( hope
it is clear to those who did this ).

Now begins the first year of college. He lives
in a hostel, learns to be independent, do a lot of things on his own. One month
into college when he will be all happy enjoying being independent, enjoying the
fun at college, missing home occasionally, his dad calls up and asks him to
come online for and to have a video call. (Yes. Technology has grown by leaps
and bounds).

In his second year of college life these words
gets repeated for n number of times in his life till his final year
(i.e) the professors keeps chanting these words all the time “it is your own
life so it is your responsibility to make your goals come true (at this time he
even thinks what would be his goal before getting in to action plans) so if you
don’t get decent grades you would end up in getting no job and
your life gets wasted”. Actually these words are of no real meaning as engineering
is not the only way to gain importance from society.

Here comes the most expected part of an
engineering life that is his final year of his college life after completing a
lots of assignments, exams, projects and many more it is was this one point
where the people around you would actually once again enter your life after
four years that is your 12th grades was the point that made you to meet them
and now it is for the placement after a couple of years. So hopefully the
student gets a good placement and then training begins. We all know how life is
at work. Your boss is always after your life squeezing out the last piece of
work he can get out of you even if it means you will have to go sleepless for
more than a day and the fact is there is nothing you can do about it! For The
boss is always right!

At last if an average Indian engineer sits and
thinks of his life he would definitely have done nothing with passion because it
is only in India where people says “if you are not an engineer or doctor you
would be considered as terrorist” so it is the story of about more than half in
a 1.5 million engineers who graduates from engineering colleges in India.  so finally this story explains that

Engineering in India is “BECOMING AN ENGINEER
AND THEN DECIDING WHAT TO DO” so people who are reading this article just
understand the fact that “you must always be the author of your own story, not
the society or the engineering impact on the society.”