Engineering, a number game; What counts in the 4 years of degree

Numbers and figures play a crucial role in our lives, be it our salaries, our GRE/GMAT scores, our pointers or even for that matter, the telecom operator we use(the expensive ones really impress the lot). All of this boils down to the fact that your success quotient is attributed to some NUMBER which is not developed overnight.

I complete a major portfolio of graduation, I realize how important the number
game is. A great deal of hard work, perseverance, dedication, inspiration,
knowledge is not needed, all you
need is a little planning and a zeal
to grow. Being in the third year I
contemplate how very important the first two years are. The campus placements
that land all of us in the companies of our dreams happen in the seventh
semester itself even before the results of the sixth semester are out, that
only means all the academics that really matter are the first 5 semesters. Also
in case of MS, applications are filed in the seventh semester making the first
six semesters extremely important. Public sector exams have such a vast portion
that it becomes almost impossible to finish it in a month or two. They also
require attention since the first semester itself!

Moving on to the part where your over all profile is judged, building of your
resume, a lot of students are shaken up from the sweet deep slumber again in
the third/ fourth year. The competition is cut throat and therefore it becomes
mandatory for you to hold an impressive performance on paper. Students should
get involved into extra curricular activities or/ and sports as these highlight
your multi tasking abilities. Debates/ conferences/ MUNs/ participation into
various technical events serve you with honors. Also the prize money to these
events provides source of income to you. Social service commands respect
wherever you go, thus everybody should get involved in some kind of community
service and work enough to show it on paper.

The final years bring in a lot of
pressure and a lot of academic requirements in terms of time; therefore
everyone should utilize the first two years to the fullest and make the most of