Ending up at IIFM!

Career building or rather choosing is, I believe, one hell of a task because we all wish to be successful in what ever we do, well most of us atleast but the probability of liking a particular job or not is something which no one can predict!

I did away with 2009’s economic crisis after BTech and took CAT that year to look for options ahead but I did miserably and ended up working in sales for 10 months – the last thing I wanted before I found a job in my domain (biotechnology!) which somehow I fell in love with later on.But the feeling of having a management education kept on visiting my brain every now and then at both – the work place and home. I enjoyed to analyze bio-molecules at workplace but sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours was really not contributing anything to my personal growth and knowledge enhancement which has become a prerequisite for anybody who wishes to excel in his/her career. Then it was at the end of 8 months that I decided to quit this job and go all out for CAT. I used ‘all out” as it was the final go for me because I didn’t want to waste anymore time experimenting. I sat back home and had a little more than 4 months to prepare.By then I had also decided to not go into the corporate world and rather work in a sector where my contribution holds some meaning both, for the people and the society.Livelihood and Environment are a few of such sectors which attracted me the most and then I shortlisted IIFM to be the most credible of the institutions which can suffice my needs along with not being heavy on the pocket side! This interest grew further when I came across a few notable Alumni of IIFM who have done and are still doing wonders in similar fields both in and outside the nation.

I got through IIFM along with a few other converts and now at the fag end of my management education I can just say it is one of the best places to be to get an education from amidst the natural beauty around along with such wonderful professors who prepare us to contribute meaningfully to the society which is worth taking pride in anywhere in the world. We gain insights about the rural and livelihood sector, the environment and climate change sector, CSR, GIS, MIS, finance, public policy, project management, statistics and research methods, rural marketing along with a thorough understanding of the wildlife and forestry sector.

I am more than happy to be here and I can undoubtedly claim that this institution is still awaiting its true potential and fame to get unleashed in the world of natural resource management education.

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