Excited, Exuberant, Enthused… that’s how we were at the onset of the trip. All of us had been waiting for it since our first day at college. And there it was … Finally Happening. We were Super Thrilled … Super Excited. We gathered at the Amphitheater with our luggage, took selfies, group pics and then … Bon Voyage.

In bus we kept singing and dancing whole night like crazy people, till we reached Manali. Not all of us were able to sleep since I, Pankaj, PD, Amrit and Nikhil didn’t let anybody sleep all night long!

On reaching Manali, we checked-in, settled down got ready for dinner. Post dinner, all of us went to our rooms and slept since we had to leave for Kasol valley the next day.

Next day we had a memorable trekking experience. We reached Kasol at noon, travelling through those beautiful valleys of Himachal. Once we stopped, we had some Israeli delicacies, which were fabulous. We had packed lunch that we had in the jungle, on the riverbank of Beas. Then we started moving towards the hills for the trek.

We had fabulous views to enjoy, those landscapes, those small villages in the woods, the ripple of the river, that chirping of the birds, and most of all, the sound made by the feet – jumping, running and tapping. We crossed some very dangerous bridges over Beas, one person at a time. It was just fabulous.

At night we had our dinner and a bonfire along with some arrangements for playing music. We had a great evening since all of us danced and sang. The day ended with some really tired legs but still very high energy levels.

Next day … most awaited … Bike Ride! The boys had taken around 15 Royal Enfield Bullets and a few scooters for the girls to ride. I somehow managed and dared to lay my hands on the only 500cc Bullet, or Bult, as I call it. I had Shalini as my pillion rider.

We headed towards Hadimba Temple first, and then towards Solang. It was such a view to see so many motorcycles lined up and riding the thump on the mountain roads, back to back. The landscapes, the cliffs, the valleys, the trees, the clouds, the waterfalls, and the wind…it was just amazing.

The next day we had another adventure – River Rafting! Yes, we did that too! The freezing cold water, the adrenaline rush and the roar of the river, it was just great!

It was indeed a memorable trip with all the friends and batch mates. Even though we were heading back to the college, we still had loads of energy pumping in. Those memories and enjoyment, they still live in us and I wish, we get another chance to go back there, all of us!

I’d again like to thank my buddy and dear batch mate Nikhil, and my dear faculty Vijayalalitha Mam and Ireka Mam, for making those awesome arrangements.

Pic Courtesy: EMPI Students

Karan Kapur
2014 – 2016

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