Economic growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence

Economic growth with distributive justice makes a nation a better place to stay for the citizens. Getting a distributed justice on wealth is possible in a capitalist country, where the government have a control on the flow of the money and streamlining it down wherever it is required.

Unequal distribution of wealth in a country can lead to the formation of coalitions which act against the wealthy ones or the government in violent ways. One such organization in India are the Naxalities. Furthermore, there are likely chances for a spurt in the number of thieves and robbers where there is a forbidden gap between the economic strata in the society.

However distributive justice of economy can also lead to hindering the growth of certain groups or companies. To take a case – Mr. Mukesh Ambani is making huge profits from his business. He will use these profit money in some other venture and make business from there, and thereby creating more jobs. Had he distributed the profit money to the people who are below the poverty line, he could not have expanded his business.

In a way economic growth with distributive justice is good for the country as a whole but at times this system may hinder the growth of the economy in national markets.