IIT Roorkee (IITR) has re-introduced the e-rickshaw inside the campus
from today, February 15, 2016. Their services were
suspended some
four months ago
because most e-rickshaw drivers were found to be plying without proper
documents and licenses. IITR authorities did not want to be caught on the wrong
side of the law and hence terminated the rickshaw services.

In the interim cycle, rickshaws were
ferrying students within the campus. According to e-rickshaw drivers, procuring
a license was an issue because the nearest Regional and Transport Office (RTO), was either at Hardiwar or
Dehradun, each of them around 50 kms away from Roorkee. But as of today, a new
RTO has opened in Roorkee and the e-rickshaw drivers have made a beeline
to the office to procure the permits. Hence, IITR authorities have decided to
resume the e-rickshaw services from today.

Students of IITR are more relieved now, since e-rickshaws are safe to use and they helped students in conveyance during cases of extreme weather. Also, their chances of getting tricked for money by other rickshaw drivers will greatly reduce. With
e-rickshaws in place, students can travel at fares as per the meter. One student also added that the cycle rickshaws were
inconvenient for the physically disabled students because of its uneven height.

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