E-Merge 3.0

Ideation, evaluation of ideas, hiring the right talent and financing options are some of the key decisions that entrepreneurs face today. IMI, New Delhi, provided a platform to discuss and understand the factors that are transforming the business landscape, during this edition of its Start-up confab, Emerge 3.0.

The event commenced with a welcome speech by Professor Pinaki Dasgupta, Dean Corporate Relations and Placements and Dean Administration, who set the tone for the conclave. Having illustrated the need for a value proposition, he formed the foundation upon which ideas were discussed during the confab. The chief guest of the event, Mr. S.K. Zutshi, Circle head, South Delhi, Punjab National Bank, further substantiated the power of ideas and dreams, to take the next big leap. He inspired the students with his knowledge and experience, and motivated them to persevere, evaluate and plan to achieve success despite all odds.

The event offered a plethora of opinions by erudite professionals and business stalwarts who provided a forum, for the students to understand the various aspects that are gradually shaping the start-up scenario. Entrepreneurial talks by Mr. Naga Prakasam, Partner, Acumen fund and Ms. Swati Bhargava, Founder, Cashkaro, proved to be vital insights into the world of Start-ups. They elucidated the need to leverage problems into business opportunities and the power of giving one’s best so as to offer a valuable business proposition. Both the speakers shed light on the strength of value-adding ideas and hard work in order to achieve success in this arena.

The panel discussions served as a forum, for the students to understand the current trends and changes, that the industry is undergoing and the factors that are evolving the industry. The first panel discussion hosted luminaries from various start-ups, Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder, 1Mg, Mr. Rajesh Bysani, CPO, Zoomcar, Mr. Amit Grover, Co-Founder, AhaTaxis, Mr. Rasik Pansare, Co-Founder & CMO, Getmyparking, Mr. Janardan Prasad, Head of Operations, Knowlarity. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Ajay Chaturvedi, Founder, HarVa. This made a 360° outlook on the topic ‘Is aggregation or disaggregation the answer to solve the enigma of cracking the unorganised Indian markets’, available to the attendees. The speakers opined on the need for unlearning in order to keep up with the dynamic industry. They propounded a need to be proactive, strategize and evaluate ideas in order to fill gaps that people didn’t realize existed in order to truly provide value.

The second panel discussion provided an avenue to discuss the key role played by ideation, evaluation of ideas, scouting the right talent and financing options for start-ups. The esteemed panellists for the discussion were Mr. Ketan Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO, Mettl, Mr. Sunil Goyal , Managing Director, Yournest Venture Capital, Mr. Amit Mishra, Founder, ID8VC and Mr. Rohit Koshy, Entrepreneur In Residence, Baxi.  Mr. Anil Gupta, Head of Client Engagement and Relationships at Arthimpact, moderated the panel discussion on “To be sitting on a pile of money also reduces one’s discipline in the early going.”  The panellists illumed the need to have a proper vision and objective in order to chart out a path to achieve one’s objectives. The panellists agreed that passion and perseverance are two key factors that transform an idea into a successful one. Believing in one’s dreams and following it with the right team who is equally passionate about the idea is the success mantra for anyone waiting to take the next big leap.

The speakers helped the students at IMI, New Delhi, in understanding the need for utilizing the right resources at the right places, with a team that believes in the venture. Emerge 3.0, truly provided a host of ideas and opinions that are currently transforming the start-up landscape.