Dreamers of Tomorrow

We live in a materialistic, greedy, lusty, envious world. A world where the concept of love and brotherhood is fading fast and everything including hearts and souls are valued by their monetary value, instead of their emotional connect. Everyone is in a rat race, in a hurry to get ahead. Betrayal is as common and wide-spread as water; parents force their children into sewers of deep-rooted connections to the filthy system which slowly, but surely decimates all signs of imagination and creativity. The philosophy is that if you are not the best, you are nothing. More shocking is that if you are good, it is not good enough.

Education is still there, but knowledge has vanished and intellect is scarcer. Where is understanding? What have our need for progress done to this world? We are consumed by our own materialistic need, which while filling up our external surrounding, has turned us into empty, worthless, pathetic mortal cocoons. Every day, every time and everywhere Genius is measured by its measure to fit into a system and not by the sheer nature of its audacity.

But there are a few, a minority which dare. They are a rarity and they refuse to change. The world has seen very few of them but once they arrive, the world takes a back seat and is left awe-struck. These people take the responsibility of shaping our world into a better place, into making it habitable for our children, for our successors who will inherit this earth and there is nothing that those policy-makers can do to stop them or to push them back. Sure, you can push them back, but they will just come roaring back. They don’t change the rules, they change the game itself. These are the hearts and souls of the world which yearn to be heard. Revolutions, revolts and evolution is just a day’s work for them. While others see darkness, they see light. They are the thinkers, the change-makers, the rebels, the ones who see world is a different perspective. The world will fear, love, despise, follow, sway with them. The world will change with them and by them.

They are the dreamers.

As Aerosmith rightly said, dream on. ?

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