Dr. Vishal Talwar – New Dean of JRE SOM

Dr. Vishal Talwar previously with the London School of Economics and the Henley Business School in the United Kingdom has recently taken over as the Dean of the JRE School of Management based in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. Dr. Talwar returns to India after almost 12 years in the international academic environment. Calling himself a practitioner academic, Dr. Talwar has not only published and presented in leading international academic journals and conferences, but has worked along with International and Indian organizations to enhance performance. Being a startup enthusiast, Dr. Talwar has worked with various startups in India and the UK to help them grow and succeed. Dr. Talwar is a PhD from Manchester Business School where he was awarded a scholarship by Shell Oil. With a first degree in mechanical engineering and a post graduation in management, Dr. Talwar has worked previously in the Indian automotive as well as advertising industries.

“I am delighted to be joining the JRE School of Management, and am especially excited by the opportunity to work in a forward thinking organization like JRE whose commitment to knowledge and student development is unquestionable”, Dr. Talwar said. “I look forward to working with my students, colleagues and other stakeholders to help JRE achieve greater heights”.

Dr. Talwar joins JRE at a very exciting time when a number of progressive and academically innovative strategies have been launched to enable the institution to compete with the very best and ensure holistic learning and student development, something that is considered absolutely essential by high-end recruiters. JRE SOM itself has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 3 years with companies such as Nestle and Capital IQ (a division of Standard & Poors) selecting students for final placements from here.

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