Download the PaGaLGuY MBA Abroad free eBook: Getting started with GMAT and applying to top b-schools abroad

Dear puys, especially those who haunt the GMAT and MBA abroad forums , we present to you the ‘ PaGaLGuY Kickass Guide to MBA Abroad ‘, a free downloadable eBook which is meant to be a starter guide of sorts for Indians who are considering applying to international b-schools, especially the ones in Europe and the USA.

The eBook is a compendium of articles and interviews centered around one theme: helping you make the transition from being an Indian b-school applicant to being an International b-school applicant.

The ‘Kickass Guide to MBA Abroad’ eBook idea germinated a couple of months ago in a group email thread by Hari Raghavchari and the follow-ups to it from Sameer Kamat and Arun Jagannathan – all three extremely helpful veterans from the PaGaLGuY’s MBA abroad threads – where we decided that while there were umpteen number of general guidebooks explaining the standard process of applying to b-schools in the US and Europe, very few of them looked at the issues from an Indian point of view. Or the fact that before taking the GMAT, most Indians have already spent 2-3 years trying to crack MBA admissions at some of the excellent Indian b-schools, successfully or unsuccessfully.

Subsequently, a large part of this eBook attempts to help you transition your understanding of business education from what it is in India to what it is like abroad. How their approach to graduate education varies, why their admission processes are different, how to differentiate yourself especially if you are an Indian-IT-Male, what to expect when looking for a job after an MBA in the USA or Europe, arranging finances and more.

This is not a step-by-step guide to applying to MBA abroad. It is however a collection of articles, opinions and interviews by people associated with some of the world’s top b-schools on getting an MBA abroad from an Indian point of view. Some of these articles have been published on PaGaLGuY years ago, but most of it is new material.

Here is the download link.

Download for free the PDF version | Amazon Kindle version (.mobi)

We hope the eBook helps you. Do give us your feedback, and we will try to improve the eBook on subsequent versions.