Doomsday for Indian Cricket-the day Sachin retired :(

They say ‘Idols’ are worshiped and adulated by a young lot to look up to them,get inspired and follow their path.Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has not been only an Idol to me since my childhood but also a constant example of an exemplary player,an ardent and a disciplined professional and a wonderful human-being–on and off the field. Because of this impeccable skills-set, no wonder, his fans across the globe are in awe for him and are transfixed by his very presence.For me, he’s not retiring from the game of cricket, but in fact his in-depth knowledge about the game will be helpful in the fruition of Indian cricket in the future.The fantastic four of the Indian cricket team–VVS Laxman, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and now Sachin Tendulkar, we gonna miss all you guys..!The very thought of not watching Sachin playing for India saddens his one billion crazy fans including me.Sachin–we love you, we follow you, we idolize you, we criticize you at times but you have always stood like a ‘pillar’ during your good and bad times and that’s why none can replace you…#Sachin #GodofCricket #MissSachin