Don’t mourn a failure, treasure it!

As a wise person once said, “Victory is the sweetest when you’ve known defeat.” We often wish to scale the heights of success with the hope of never falling and bruising ourselves. However, in reality greatness cannot be achieved without a few failures. Defeats are often considered to be the end of the journey and many choose to walk away from it instead of facing it and moving ahead.

If we scrutinize the lives of some of the greatest achievers in the world, it can be observed that most of them overcame failures and achieved great successes by trying again. Thomas Edison is one of the greatest examples whose most famous invention-the light bulb- took around 1000 tries before the successful prototype was developed.

The current societal scenario involves cut-throat competition in almost all the fields, be it academic or professional. Very often students & professionals take drastic measures to run away from failure. Most of them choose mediocrity over exceptional choices which involve taking a plunge into risky terrains. They settle for jobs or courses which are secure or conservative though it might not involve their actual interest.

A recent research depicts a surprising fact of the corporate world. Many companies are seeking employees with track records of both failure & success, with a belief that those who have survived bad phases have irreplaceable experience. Progressive companies share a common thought that failure is just a byproduct of great risks which lead to great successes.

So instead of playing it safe under the radar and shying away from chances of failing, tread on the paths that lead to your actual goal even though it would prove to be a tough journey. Don’t become complacent with fear. Keep moving forward towards the summit of success!

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