Don’t let me be misunderstood – II

I don’t why nobody told you How to unfold your love

Today I thought I could write an article saying that how I moved on and how did I overcome all the miseries I had inside me.But I ended up writing something else.

Everything was fine till that moment.

Everything seemed perfect till that moment.

I felt I was getting normal with that gossips about NaMo, IPL auctions and noteworthy things that happening in the national capital. As the dreadful four years of engineering coming to an end in a couple of months and zero backup plans didn’t make any difference in my daily routine which includes the evening workout and the midnight intoxication. And for a moment things made me feel that my life is on the verge of getting perfect and soon I can start roistering like old times.

And then I saw her again , the one who I never wanted to meet again in my life and the one who my heart gave an affirmation that it would never beat for her ever and the one who my brain promised me that the person is no more compatible in its system. And now, I cannot accept the fact that even my system failed provide immunity in this case. I thought I’ve ran enough and now its time to take a halt and to take a deep breath, but she can never let that happen.

And I guess this time she has made up her mind to give me freedom, she saw me trembling in the corner and she came closer and embraced me saying a permanent good-bye with a big smile, her sharp eyes were still reluctant to look at my watery eyes which was longing to see her face till my last breath, swiftly after that little lady disappeared out of my sight.

And gave the conclusion to the story which I started to write.

Once again a sad conclusion to my story which I didn’t decide.

And I came back to my room and looked at the mirror and this was the first time I saw tears rolling over my cheeks, for a moment all the those days with her started to play in my system.

After a few minutes I reluctantly switched on my computer to write this blog and that is when I got a mail saying

Dear Candidate, Congratulations !!! We are happy to inform you that you have provisionally qualified to appear for GDΠ

A dream call from a dream institute and from the one which I have never expected.

Refreshed the page n number times still the mail said the same.

And then I closed the browser and now I saw my desktop wallpaper saying the words

“Life never gives what you want, it gives you what you deserve”