Don’t give up – It’s not worth it! How I persevered for six years to succeed…

6 years – 5 CATs, 4 XATs, 2 FMS, 3 IIFTs, 3 GMATs, 2 JMETs and over 500 Mocks, 1 failed start up and 

Finally got 760 in GMAT and joining Tepper school of Business – Carnegie Mellon University.

I loved the journey, in fact I loved it too much for my liking. Met remarkable person and saw stories which will inspire the dead from the grave to rise up and write CAT, XAT, GMAT etc.

Guys, never give up because it is not worth it, just not worth it. Just one score and admit and rest can be history.

Pain of hardwork is temporary but glory of achievement is permanent.

Let me not rant about my boring story. 

Lowest points:

1) CAT 2010 – got 17.XX %tile in verbal and same year I got 99.XX%tile in verbal in XAT.

2) CAT 2010 and CAT 2011 got 69.XX%tile and 64.XX%. Missed XAT cut off by 5%tile in one section. 

Met some remarkable people and cherished their dedication and got inspired by them

@r11gupta   , @the_hate , @Samurai-X , @shashank3012 , @Poluka_Praveen   , @Roger.Federer  , @seba_catrpillar  , @seshendra  , @ThEbmr  , @sarcastix  , @TnT  @Medhavin  , @prem_ravi ,@ravi.tejapalla  , @GIXX3R , @techgodajay ,  

Each one of them have a story and each story is enough to pick you up from slumber of mediocrity, so if you have time do go through their struggle stories. Very privileged to have studied with them. 

One regret !!

1) Identify what can work for you and adapt. I should have taken GMAT long time because that is the way to go for 4+ years of experience.

2) Go where your experience is valued but not taken as a burden.

3) Don’t limit your options. You don’t know what can work for you and what doesn’t. 

4) US schools are not that expensive if you plan it well and target the schools which suit you. 

I have 9 years of work experience and I am going for 2 year program with a scholarship

A huge thanks for @pagalguy  and @grondmaster   for entrusting with Mod role. has been an addiction to me for last 6 years and I loved every bit of it. 

Thanks to all the Puys for your support and help. And awesome PG meets in Bangalore. Those meets were always close to my heart. 

Flying off in exactly 5 days to start another rollar-coaster ride and I have waited for this for loooooooooooong time patiently but not anymore. 

So puys and pirls, never give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel, just one more bent in the tunnel and you will be there. Don’t give up ever !!  

Signing off !