DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #5

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you.”

Indeed! I was fortunate enough to get the chance to explore myself in Kellton Tech for 61 days which I am sure will last forever.

I interned with the marketing department of Kellton Tech to get the taste of marketing. The whole internship program was not only structured to get a professional exposure but it made sure that students absorb theoretical knowledge through fascinating literature. The culture in Kellton Tech pushes you to achieve more and stride towards holistic development.

Amongst numerous projects, I conducted secondary market research of the existing clients and competitors of Kellton Tech which helped me develop my grey cells with admissible information and its analysis.

Freedom of expression was the cherry on top of the cake during my tenure. We were not restricted to the projects rather we got an opportunity to participate in the events and were encouraged to give our inputs and suggestions.

The overall experience in the company was enlightening and I finally move on with a new perspective on the road ahead.”

Ritika Pawar

Batch 2016-18

DoMS IIT – Roorkee