DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #12

There is no better way to launch your career than summer interning at India’s central banking institution, Reserve Bank of India. I was chosen to Intern at RBI’s Kanpur branch and was allotted the most hectic yet energetic, active, lively, and eventful department to work for ‘Foreign Exchange Department (FED)’.

One of the many things that make the RBI experience so valuable is its real-world experience in the field of finance which no other institution can offer. Here at RBI, you’ll sharpen in not only knowledge and skills but also learn how to navigate a professional environment and gain a clear edge in the field of finance. You get the feel of what it’s like to serve your country while pursuing your passion. I also met some of the best and brightest people here and made friends for life. The internship is just a part of the RBI experience.

Pulkit Omer

Batch 2016-18

DoMS IIT Roorkee