Does a second MBA make sense

Hello all, I am an ISB class of 2017 aspirant and have the following doubts.

1) I already am an MBA (class of 2014), I am a major in marketing. However, since I have almost 3 years of experience in Finance (including IT BFSI and core banking experience as am currently working in a bank) there, I am planning for another MBA (with major as Finance) from ISB this time.

I had plans of a Finance major while pursuing the previous MBA, but it was only after I got into the college that I realised that the Finance and Ops faculty was absolutely not how the whole crowd had expected. Does ISB have a negative perspective towards people having a MBA already?

2) What are the requirements for a need based scholarship? I read somewhere that the family income needs to be less than 10 lakhs which is weird because my dad is not going to fund my studies anyways and my salary is below 10 lakhs. What to do in this case, any idea?