doctor-shocter haye rabba !

So against the prediction of one particular viva-external and other similar odds,I graduated as a doctor last month. I had been planning my celebration of the moment ever since we started carrying books to our toilets (it’s the ultimate expression of academic stress!), which was like a year ago. I had thought I would spring up in joy/ bear-hug my family and friends/ throw a fancy party / get overwhelmed and do something as stupid as thanking God (me and Him have issues) but I swear to God , NOTHING HAPPENED. No kidding. Scratching my itchy back has left me with deeper satisfaction in the past.

I dont intend to bore you with my life story and all. Briefly put, its unintentionally comical. yeah, LOL.

Jokes apart, for all my affinity for words and expressions, I can hardly explain why I want to leave the medical field and go to a business school instead. Thanks to the internet, I realised that there is a miniscule but existent group of predecessors ( MBBS + MBA ) I can hope to take advice/ reality check from ! More later ?

PS : all doctors in management institutes/ studying for CAT, please leave behind comments. In all honesty, I am aboard just to track down you guys !

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