What are the aims of DMI?

DMI aims to bring participatory governance and management
of resources, enterprises and institutions for ensuring sustainable
livelihoods, as the present system in place for this is not geared to achieve
inclusive growth. DMI embraces the pedagogical processes to enhance
competencies, provide liberating education and trans-disciplinary orientation
to comprehend complex realities to strive for transformation of self, society
and nature.

How is
development management different from other disciplines of management?

By establishing a new paradigm of participatory
governance and management, development management ensures distributive justice
at multiple levels. It calls for cultivation of deeper reflection, integration
of multiple perspectives and action in collaboration at different levels and
scales. Thus, it demands entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities to bring
in large-scale transformation.

Is it in
demand? Why?

Its demand is set to rise in developed and developing
countries. For, the best of human beings are getting attracted to address the
complex issues arising out of misunderstood notions of development causing
degradation of natural resources, anthropocentric drivers to climate change and
weakening of cohesion.

What are its
various scopes?

Since development management brings together
expertise in various sectors, like political science, economics and others, the
scope for well-prepared development management professionals is increasing. The
engagement of state, civil society organisations, corporate organisations and
development support organisations ensure challenging and rewarding opportunities
for career development for such professionals.

Are the youth
of Bihar fit to become good managers? If not, how can they improve?

The youths of Bihar have the ability to pursue any
profession. But, they have limited options within Bihar for this. Still, DMI
strives to create and offer a good footing to such youths to experience and learn
in the environs of a high-performing knowledge institution.

What are the
future aims of DMI?

DMI aims to establish three collaborative action research
and education (CARE) centres devoted to critical issues central to development
management. These forums, consisting of institutions and individuals drawn from
academic, government and non-governmental development organisations and
community-based organisations, will offer opportunities for interactive learning
and exposure through development immersion, enterprise learning and management
internship modules of experiential learning.

– Interview of Prof. K V Raju (Director, DMI Patna) was Published in Hindustan Times (Patna Edition) on 3rd May, 2015. 

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