Dismissal of Maratha Quota for Medical PG by Supreme Court

Few days ago, Maharashtra government issued the notice for cornering 16 percentage of seats for the Marathi people as Maratha quota on the postgraduate course in medical and dental departments. The supreme court was not satisfied with the plea and dismissed it as they have decided not to provide those 16 percentage of Maratha Quota in the post graduate courses in Medical college and Dental college.

The state government argued that the bill was approved by the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The admission process for the present academic year was already over on 17th of June. The supreme court vacation bench which had Justices named Sanjiv Khanna and B.R Gavai was satisfied that the they can find merit in the Maharashtra government’s counsel.

The supreme court said that the Maratha quota might make things difficult as it is total contrast to the rules of NEET Examination which includes students not only from Maharashtra but from the Entire India. The students who pass in merit have the liberty of choosing college according to their wish and picking up the course according to their choice.

Even in the Nagpur, the High court has dismissed the Plea for providing 16 percentage of quota to the economically backward people as proving that will urge economically upward people to come up with some false papers. Thus, majority of the people in the medical circle has supported the decision of the Supreme court to Dismiss the Plea of the Maharashtra government.