Discover Little Known Tweaks to Fling Open the Doors of Success in CAT this Year

Do you know why some Ordinary Aspirants Achieve Breakthrough results in Record less time while some Extra-ordinary Aspirants seem to Struggle for years?

The answer doesn’t lie in their mental agility, toughness, intelligence. It’s something totally different.

Hear me out.

Your final success is determined by your CONSTRAINTS.Those often hidden success-barriers that quietly undermine your efforts and block your path to reaping all the rewards you desired when you try to get certain percentile.

This is called “Theory of Constraints“. It’s first invented by Eliyahu Goldratt ( The Goal Fame writer who is an Israeli physicist turned business management guru)

Anyway, here is the story.

My name is Sukrut Khambete.

I have myself experienced this several times.

I was in similar situation a few years back. To be exact, it happened in 2010. I was studying full time for CAT, working 8-10 hours a day hardly to see any improvements in my Quant score. Infact, as days progressed, my performance started spiraling down. Deep down in the black hole.

A Black Hole with No Possibility of Return.

So I started working twice as hard only to see marginal improvements which were not at all consistent.

I never knew how I was going to score in actual CAT because literally I had no idea how to crack the code of consistency.

I had literally no idea about my constraints which were holding me back.

My problem was not lack of knowledge, my problem or constraint was different. I was not aware of my weak areas and that’s the reason, despite my hard work, I had only slightest improvements.

I worked on all wrong things.

So now you know, Theory of Constraints is such an important concept but nobody seems to talk about it, atleast not in MBA world.

Do you see some people try so hard every year, bag calls even from IIMs, XLRI but not able to convert any of them? While some people crack it within their first year, while some people struggle for many years, despite getting many calls, they just seem to struggle for years and not converting any of them.

I am not talking about intelligence here, I am talking something which goes far deeper than that. Something which is going on unconscious level which is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Imagine a chain.


Its strength is solely and completely determined by the weakest link at any point in time. It doesn’t matter how strong the strongest link is. A chain can only withstand whatever the weakest link is able to.

Chain is as strong as its weakest link

Making any other link stronger in that chain will NOT… NOT… increase the ability or strength of that chain. Because, again, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Just like with your preparation.

If you want to maximize your chances for converting the calls, you shouldn’t spend more time on working on your strong link, is a waste of your valuable time, energy, effort because it rarely produces any significant breakthroughs.

While working on your strong areas is only a feel good factor.

Infact let me ask you,

Have you ever wondered why some aspirant can buy some course/go to some coaching class or use particular methodology and reap massive rewards, while another aspirant who despite getting calls for several years, buys the same course and tries the very same methodology barely sees an increase in their results and mostly seeing almost no results at all?

Why is that?

Well… because for the first aspirant taking that particular course and using the methodology addressed their specific preparation constraint.

Yet, for the second aspirant, that same course and methodology didn’t address their constraint, and therefore will NOT have the same impact or mediocre impact.

And, until the second aspirant identifies their own personal constraint, any effort they make to improve their preparation will almost always result in simply spinning their wheels. The same goes for YOU.

No coaching classes, books currently in the industry seem to talk about it. Infact, they never will because then they can’t sell you their coaching program or classes after you know about the complete truth , but you still seem to buy into their ideology because you think whatever coaching classes tell you is going to solve your problem or constraint.

So What’s The Answer?

  1. Is more courses the answer?
  2. Is joining better classes the answer ?
  3. Is more time to invest in your preparation the answer?
  4. Is working hard the answer?
  5. Is working smart the answer ?

None of those things are the answer.
Unless, they address your personal, individual and specific preparation constraint.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most MBA aspirants you don’t know exactly what your personal constraint is.

And the truth is almost 80% of aspirants incorrectly identify their preparation constraint.

In other words, what most aspirants think is their preparation constraint, isn’t really it. This of course continues to further the vicious cycle of working on the wrong area of your preparation and experiencing disappointment and weak results, if any results at all.

Even many people who take break for CAT Preparation work 12-14 hours a day but still their percentile is dwindling or they see lot of ups and downs in their results.

Do you know some people who score very good percentile in mocks tests but completely screw up final CAT or MBA entrance?

Why does this happen ?

Because they haven’t identified their constraints and when they don’t do that, if at all they had to face that constraint in actual CAT, they are screwed.(Now there are lot of other factors come in play in actual CAT and there are people who without identifying constraint still manage to get 99+percentile but they can’t produce consistent results, so I am not really talking about those people) I am not talking about being lucky or being at right place at right time.

I am talking about creating predictable outcomes, not about how you can magically reach 100%ile stuff. That’s different. Don’t even bother about it.

So if you want to face breakthrough results in your CAT Preparation & if nothing seems to help then instead of wasting your valuable time in working hard , identify your constraint, it will help you in getting to the next level.

If you can’t find that out yourself , I will explain it how to identify it in the next article.
There are more than 50 constraints blocking you. 

Find your constraints here