Disaster Alert: End-sem is here again

April is the month when cricketing fever grips the entire country. But for IITians, April spells fear. They are a jittery lot with the demonic exams looming large over their humble beings. 
The infamous semester-end examinations also called end-sem put to test their four months of hard work. 
The papers are three hours’ long, and to add to woes, and they also account for 50% weightage of the course. If you thought end-sem is like annual examinations of school, then you are mistaken. 
The end-sem can turn your world upside down. They make a student frequent the library more than CCDs and Subways. Sports ground too bears a deserted look during exam time. The Canteen becomes the second most favourite spot. It remains open till 3-4am and coffee rounds are on till the shutters are down. 
There are some students who enjoyed all through the semester but the exams make them run after the guy whom they had mocked for being sincere with studies. There are also a few who appear chilled out and care two hoots for the impending end-sem. But they are also the ones who spend more than four years to complete their under-grad course. 
But jokes apart, end-sems are important for each one of us. They affect our CPI. 
So, dear fellow IITians let us all start our preparations well in advance. We are the best one-day batsmen around without any doubt. We have the capability to pass by just studying the night before exams. And then there are those who believe that all the hard work that they did during JEE preparation should match their performance in the exams here. This lot studies for 2-3 hours before the exam and gracefully passes the exam. A handful of students slog all throughout and score well. 
So, find your category and decide if you are a One Day, Test or a T20 specialist and prepare accordingly. 
All the best for upcoming end-sem.