Diary of a Romeo-2

Day 2, Monday, 9:35 PM

Her name is Suhasi. I came to know about it today when one of her friends screamed her name during interval. Suhasi was among the most sought after girls in my class.

Yesterday night was balmy and good, but only figuratively, as the sun had adorned Jaipur with bountiful heat rays all day long and its effect could be easily felt at night. Anyways, my mind was preoccupied with the talk we had, while walking in the corridor of our department’s building, on Sunday. Few questions were roving in my mind, “Am I over-thinking? What if she already has a boyfriend? Have I really made a mark on my first one-sided date?” At one moment, the rowdy inside me was trying to be indifferent towards whatever related to that girl, and at other, Romeo was vanquishing him. These to and fro sentiments was reminiscent of the time when I poke fun at one of my friend who had shared his love-like feelings thinking I would be of some help. Certainly, the anti-SRK had never overpowered by a soft corner in my heart that was working as effectively on Sunday as on other days.

I was eagerly waiting for the most cursed periodical event of anybody’s life cycle, Monday.

In morning, it was the second lecture when she entered the class. Our eyes met but even a formal ‘hi’ looked like a distant dream as I was sitting beside highly volatile bunch of newly acquired friends. Any hint of something-must-be-cooking could invite a lot of facetious remarks and conventional ridiculous questions.

Lectures passed mellifluously, simply because I wasn’t paying attention. I was devising a question or something through which I could talk to her. I had to because I had no other option. An agreement had already been signed, “See You Tomorrow.”

I waited. I checked my wrist watch many a times, waiting for the sword looking needle to pierce 6.

It did what it had to but I couldn’t. The teacher had left the room, so did most of the students but both of us were still there. She was sitting with her group of friends.

Few minutes passed and it was her time to go to the mess, leaving me in an altogether different mess. I knew I would waste this interval but I still had other half of the day left at my disposal.