Our forum is committed to point out the procedural lacunas and corrupt practices being followed and suggest corrective measures to bring sanctity in educational system in the interest of bright future of India.

Through our various communications, we have brought to the notice (rampant corrupt practices being followed at AICTE) to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), Human Resource Department Ministry, Anti Corruption Department, state government and others. We have also made constructive suggestion for improvement of transparency in Technical Education in India.

We have already filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) 221 of 2013 in Hon’ble High court Bombay challenging the process of granting additional courses merely on basis of the self disclosure by the technical institutes.

It is Unfortunate that all investigating agencies are directing the complaints to Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of All India Council of Technical education (AICTE) who himself is the accused in our complaints, hence the chances of fair investigation are dim. It is observed that the said officer is holding 4 important posts (Adviser-I, E-GOVERNANCE CELL cum Adviser-I & CVO VIGILANCE CELL cum Adviser-I (Addl. Charge) LEGAL CELL) in All India Council of Technical education (AICTE) from many years. Holding such post by an individual is defeating the very purpose of the post created. These posts are enabling him to involve in corruption, influence other officers without any fear and restriction as he is sure that a common citizen has to approach him only to lodge/ investigate a complaint.

It is reliably learnt that the said officer does not have required qualifications but merely promoted for hiscloseness with the present chairman. His appointment has been fraudulently managed to maintain the secured chain of corruption in All India Council of Technical education (AICTE), New Delhi office.

Therefore, inspite of our several complaints no real outcome has come till date.

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