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questions 1 & 2 on the basis of the following letter.

the Chairman:

Mr. Sailesh,

the December 3, 2011 meeting, it was decided that no two officers would hold
positions on the same committee. It has recently come to my attention that both
Chaitanya Rao and Ajit Singh will be serving in some capacity on the Cultural
Committee, and both have been nominated for officer status. As you know, this
is in direct disregard for the rules as voted by the Members Council in the
meeting. I hope that sufficient action is taken by the Disciplinary Committee
(on which committee both of the above are members) so that this problem is



Which of the following is an essential flaw that the writer of the letter

A. Rao and Ajit are already serving
together on the Disciplinary Committee.

B. The Chairman has no power in the matter.

C. The Members Council cannot pass rules
limiting members.

D. Rao and Ajit are yet to be confirmed as

E. Cultural Committee is only active during
the annual festival.

2. If both the nominations are confirmed, which of the
following, exhaustively and reasonably, describes actions that may occur in the
near future?

A. Arvind resigns his membership.

B. Either Rao or Ajit resigns his

C. Ajit resigns his committee post on the
Cultural Committee.

D. Rao resigns his position on the Cultural

E. Either Rao or Ajit resigns his position
from the Cultural Committee, and the other resigns his position on the
Disciplinary Committee.

Answer questions 3 – 6 on the basis of information given in the following

Tina, a blast furnace expert, who works as a technology troubleshooter
stays in Jamshedpur. She has got an important assignment in Delhi, which
requires six hours to complete. The work is so critical that she has to start
working the moment she reaches the client’s premises.

She is considering various options for her onward and return journey
between Jamshedpur to Delhi.

A quick search revealed that a ticket from Jamshedpur to Delhi is available
in two trains. Trains 12801 and 12443 depart from Jamshedpur station at 06:45
hrs and 15:55 hrs and reach Delhi next day at 04:50 hrs and 10:35 hrs
respectively. Trains 12444 and 12802 start from Delhi at 17:20 hrs and 22:20
hrs and reach Jamshedpur next day at 10:35 hrs and 20:05 hrs respectively.

     Another option is to reach
Ranchi by a three-hour road trip and take a flight to Delhi from Ranchi. The
distance between Ranchi and Delhi is covered in 105 minutes both ways by any of
the scheduled flights. Air India operates two flights, AI 9810 and AI 810,
which depart Ranchi at 8:00 hrs and 15:25 hrs respectively. Flight number
IT-3348 operated by Kingfisher Airlines departs Ranchi at 19:20 hrs. Return
flights operated by Air India, AI 9809 and AI 809, depart Delhi at 5:50 hrs and
11 :00 hrs respectively. Flight number IT-3347 operated by Kingfisher Airlines
departs Delhi at 17: 10 hrs.

From Tina’s home Jamshedpur railway station is a five-minute drive, and her
destination at Delhi is 90 minutes and 30 minutes away from the airport and
railway station respectively. One has to reach the airport at least one hour
before the scheduled departure to complete the boarding procedure. At every
railway station she loses five minutes in navigating through the crowd.

3. If Tina wants to minimise the total time out of Jamshedpur, which of the
following would be the best option for her:       

A. Al 9810 and return by IT 3347.

B. AI 9810 and return by train number 12802.

C. IT 3348 and return by AI 9809.

D. Train number 12443 and return by train number 12444.

E. AI 9810 and return by train number 12444.

4. Tina gets a message that her work has to be completed between 9:00 hrs.
and 17:00 hrs. If she wants to minimise the total time out of Jamshedpur, the
best option, from the options given below, for her among the following is to go

A. Train 12443 and return by Train 12444

B. Train 12801 and return by Train 12802

C. AI 9810 and return by AI 9809

D. AI 810 and return by AI 9809

E. IT 3348 and return by IT 3347

5. Tina has to appear for an exam on 8th of January in Jamshedpur and she
can start from her residence in Jamshedpur only after 16:00 hrs of the same
day. Choose the option, from the options given below, that will help her to
minimise the total time out of Jamshedpur

A. Go by Train 12443 and return by Train 12444

B. Go by Train 12443 and return by AI 9809

C. Go by IT 3348 and return by Train 12801

D. Go by AI 810 and return by Train 12801

E. Go by AI 9810 and return by AI 9809

6. If Tina decides to minimise the in-between waiting period, the option
that she should choose from the options given below, will be:       

A. Go by Train 12801 and return by IT 3347

B. Go by Train 12443 and return by Train 12802

C. Go by Al 9810 and return by Train 12802

D. Go by Al 810 and return by AI 9809

E. Go by IT 3348 and return by AI 809

Answer question nos. 7 -8 on the basis of the information given in the
following case.

Vivekanada Memorial Elocution Competition (VMEC) in Viswavijay Public
School (VPS) has a history of 40 years. Apart from the founder’s day and annual
day celebrations, it is the most important event of the school.

        In recent times, due to the
increased popularity of reality shows on television channels, and for various
other reasons, the elocution competition lost its appeal. Interest of both
students and parents has been eroding over a period of time. To ensure
sufficient audience, Mr. Ivan, Head of English Department, introduced choral
recitation for junior section as a part of elocution competition. Three
classes, each consisting of forty students, get short-listed for the final
performance of choral singing on the day of the VMEC. Most parents and family
members of these students attend the function to encourage them. This
initiative increased the number of people attending the elocution competition.

      Some teachers are unhappy with
the emphasis given on the elocution competition, since they are expected to be
present at the school on the day of competition, which normally happens on a
weekend to accommodate the working parents. The teachers were not granted leave
on the day of VMEC and hence they were unhappy.

7. Ms Shabina, the principal of VPS, is aware that some of her teachers are
unhappy. She wants to be seen as fair and just. Which option is the best one
that she should exercise?         

A. introduce separate music and dance competitions in same format as the
elocution competition.

B. appropriately compensate those teachers who volunteer to come for the
extra day.

C. appoint a committee of teachers, parents and management representatives
to come up with possible suggestions within a deadline.

D. appoint a committee of teachers to come up with possible suggestions,
and ensure that majority of committee members are staunch supporters of the
current practices.

E. exercise the authority of the principal because she wants to retain all

8. A group of unhappy teachers have come up with a list of action plans for
the consideration of their colleagues. The action plans are listed below.

I. Exposing Mr. Ivan’s intentions behind the inclusion of choral

II. Conduct an open house discussion to gauge the unhappiness and to
identify possible solutions.

III. Introduce music and dance competitions in same format as elocution

IV. Demand compensation for their work on the day of VMEC.

Mr. Zacharia, one of the senior teachers and a well wisher of VPS, is asked
to go through the action plans and make recommendations that benefits VPS the
most. He would recommend:         

A. Options I and II

B. Options II and IV

C. Options I and III

D. Options I and IV

E. Options I, II, and IV

Answer questions 9 – 10 on the basis of the information given in the
following case.

        Saral Co. is operating in
seven north-eastern states of the country. The organization has a history of
participative decision making, wherein people deliberate openly about pros and
cons of every important decision, and a broad consensus is taken before taking
the final decision. In Saral Co. every employee gets a salary proportional to
the sales achieved. A new General Manager (GM) joined during the beginning of
this month and challenged the organization’s sole focus on sales to determine
salaries. He urged the top management to include two more additional parameters
in determining the salaries of the employees, viz. collection of information
about competitors and the quality of relationship with the retailers.          

9. Manohar, the highest earning employee for the last three years,
vehemently opposes the GM’s proposal. Which of the following could be most
likely reason for him to oppose the proposal?

A. He considers the proposal as a serious threat to his favourable position
in Saral Co.

B. He is not interested in collecting the information regarding

C. No clarity regarding the relative importance of the three parameters.

D. He is not interested in maintaining quality relationship with retailers.

E. He may need to work harder to earn the highest salary.

10. The top management of Saral Co. refused to implement the proposal of
new GM from the beginning of next month. Which of the following could be the
most justified reason for the management’s refusal?         

A. To ensure that no manager will get credit for a major change soon after

B. To avoid attracting criticism for their failure to implement a similar

C. His past experience is limited to seven northeastern states only.

D. The GM is new to the organization and he would require some time to
implement the new plan.

E. The top management would need time to deliberate and get consensus.

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1(d)    2(e)    
3(b)    4(e)     5(e)   
 6(d)   7(b)   
8(b)     9(e)    10(e)   

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